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Saturday, January 26, 2008

7 Easy Home Pet Remedies

Anyone Can Do For A Dog Or Cat

Submitted By: Keisha Seaton

This article will help you to find simple home pet remedies. These home pet remedies can be used either for dogs or cats, unless otherwise stated.

Anemia: To help get rid of anemia in your pet increase the amount of iron, and vitamin B intake. A recommended serving of liver in the amounts of an ounce for cats, two ounces for small dogs, three ounces for medium dogs, and four ounces for larger dogs.

Arthritis: First things first, if your pet is overweight, then you will need to get him/her on a weight loss plan. Loosing weight will take the pressure off of those painful joints. Several 20 minute walks a day can be very helpful as well. Avoid having your pet sleep outside when it is cold. The cold air is not helping as it inflames the joints, and triggers the arthritis. Finally a moist heating pad around the joints can be applied for about 20 minutes twice a day.

Bad Breath: If your pet has bad breath it is sign of plaque. Simply brushing your pets' teeth will help reduce the bad breath odor, and help to eliminate the plaque. Raw carrots have been known to help with the cause of bad breaths in pets as well. To prevent bad breath try giving them a rope to play with, don't feed can foods, and as bad as it is try not to give them table scraps.

Diarrhea: One of the easiest home pet remedies for diarrhea is to make sure that your pet is well hydrated. Adding Gatorade to their water will also help the diarrhea. The Gatorade will help them to stay hydrated, and retain some electrolytes. It is best to stop regular routine feedings, when you are aware of this problem. If the diarrhea does not stop with this basic home remedy please seek professional advice from your veterinarian, as it could be a more serious problem.

Fever: Warning - If your pet has had a fever more than 24 hours please consult your veterinarian. A fever that cannot be broken is a sign that something is severely wrong with your pet. If you have just discovered that your beloved pet has a fever, then use a cool compress on their belly. If that is not possible, a cool bath will also help. Normal temperatures for dogs and cats run usually from 1000.5 to 102.5 anything over that is considered a fever.

Fleas: One of the best home pet remedies for fleas is to mix in some Brewer's Yeast. In addition to the yeast adding about 3 cloves of garlic cut up will keep the fleas away from your pet.

Smelly Kitty Litter: To keep your kitty litter smelling nice, and fresh, use about 2 parts baby powder to one part baking soda in your kitty litter.

Hope you have enjoyed this article about home pet remedies. Please note that these home pet remedies are not professional veterinarian advice. If serious problems persist with your pet please seek the care of a trusted veterinarian.

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