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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Plenty of Cat Care Tips on Toll Bar !

--- What To Do About Underweight Cats ? ?

Some older cats may be at risk for becoming underweight. In fact, a greater proportion of older cats is underweight than for any other age group. Older cats may eat less because they lack the desire to eat or because of a decrease in their sense of smell or taste. Dental problems or chronic disease conditions also may contribute. Some older cats may consume the same amount of food but are less efficient at digesting or absorbing nutrients, perhaps due to disease. If poor appetite is a problem, intake may be encouraged by:choosing a palatable super-premium
diet;moistening dry food; warming food to body temperature; offering fresh food frequently; encouraging the cat during feeding; minimizing noise and stress during feeding.

Another cause for weight loss could be a change to a lower-calorie diet recommended for older cats. If an individual cat is not inactive, consumption of a lower-calorie diet may lead to inappropriate weight loss. For underweight cats, it is important to be sure they receive adequate calories to support their
nutritional needs. If weight loss is not attributed to a specific diagnosis, a high-calorie, nutrient-dense food should be recommended. Most geriatric diets are designed for low-calorie density and are not appropriate for these cats.
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